Sunday, 29 June 2014

New blog for a new phase of life

It's long time since I updated my old Adrienne's Art Garden blog, but I've decided it's time for a fresh start. 

I changed my surname nearly 2 years ago following my divorce and father's death - I kinda wanted to pay tribute to him by going back to the family name. Also, my marrried name offended me to see the old one every time I logged on to my blog. 

I changed my computer back in January, and the new one has Windows 8. Amongst many other things that my new computer and I argue about is the blog. 

It doesn't like me having a blog linked to a yahoo email address. It wants me to have a blog linked to a gmail address, and after months of arguing, I'm giving in gracefully!

The other change in my life is that after about 18 months of having very little art time because I have been increasingly supporting and caring for my mother (who lived 80 miles away), I am now an orphan. I don't like it, but apparently it's an irreversible state, so I'd better get used to it.

I have more time, but as you can imagine, my muse has been in hiding for a couple of months. I am only just beginning to dabble with art and craft again. Watch this space.


  1. Hi Adrienne
    Can't follow you here unless you add a join this site as on old blog. I don't do G+ or comment on blogs that use verification. Sorry, verification is a pain. You can turn off the verification and still vet your comments.

    Hope you decide to add the other option & turn off verification. xxx

    1. Paula

      I have turned moderation of comments on, and word verification off. I've added a 'join this site' gadget, too! Hope that helps.


  2. Added your new blog to my feedly list. Hope you find lots of inspiration for your art work.


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